The connection with truth

Or Archangel Michael in the Christian and Jewish traditions.

If you look into the mystical literature on Archangel Michael, you find he is the leader of God’s Angels or God’s Army, and he carries a big sword.  It is the sword of Truth, and you can ask Michael to use his sword to help cut you free from something in your life that you no longer want.  Empaths have this same sword of Truth, and we have all spent decades experiencing the use of it.  As I understand it, at this time on the planet, the number-one project of number-one Archangel Michael is Empaths.  You are not in this alone.  Michael, with that big sword, is said to lead God’s armies… what if God’s army is not about a war, but is instead about a patient loving cleanup?  Of people and a planet with a pain body.  What if your training is over?

If you are from another spiritual tradition, no doubt you have your own representative holding the Truth energy. Ganesha, the part elephant Hindu deity (the remover of obstacles), is the best known example.  Same energy as Michael and his cut-you-free sword.

Over the years I have worked with a number of Empaths who as part of their process found this sword within and began using it to cut away the density they had accumulated.  Look in your heart… you’ve probably hidden it through garbage protection services… no joke.  Healing your own density is for sure the best way to really understand healing the density of others.  And the best way to more deeply awaken to your own abilities and specialties.  Who you really are needs the room to play that is occupied by those densities… be they yours or those of others… so it has to go… one way or another.