Quantum Sobriety

I was asked to write the forward to Quantum Sobriety, a recently published book about leaving addiction by Jo De Rosa: https://www.amazon.com/Quantum-Sobriety-Jo-Ro…/…/0995728623/

Here it is:

My friend Jo has written a book for you out of her own journey and extensive experience. I am blessed to have played a part in her fun.

So here you are on an adventure called addiction.

Have you handled your sensitivity that no one understands, in this way? Have you handled the tension and stress of being different and having no place to put that difference where it is accepted, in this way? Have you felt powerless to control your life and filled, or hidden, that emptiness, with something, in this way? Have all those people, especially you, talked you out of who you are, and you ease the loss, in this way? Have you sensed a world of higher consciousness, and this was the only door you could find? Have you just needed a vacation from yourself or the world?

Have you reached the place where you are tired of being beat up on, judged, told you have a problem that you are powerless against… rather than a solution that isn’t working for you? Ready to finish telling that to yourself?

In a culture that teaches people to be disconnected from themselves and others, have you attempted to ease that emptiness with something to fill, dull, or cover your awareness of the missing connection… instead of recovering what is natural to us all… understanding that your pain is an indication of what an exceptional person you must be? Passionate, powerful, aware people who have been taught they aren’t enough as they are, often attempt to deal with this cultural insanity as best they can.

This book is about first finding within what you don’t see without… as nothing, and no one else, can give it to you until you love yourself enough to give it to yourself. And then it’s everywhere.

Do you need to stop condemning yourself for a wonderfully strong desire to feel good? As you become more of who you really are, your impulses will change. The passion and power of your desire for something better will become a blessing to yourself, others, and this world. One big energy will become another. What if you designed it this way?

We can say that you grew up in belief systems insisting you lack something, can’t have it, or it isn’t there… and one journey of finding something to fill that void, or hide it, is called addiction.

We could say that finding that positive connection is like becoming addicted to something that is much more joyous and of service to humanity. In this book are tools to help you do that.

Along with the tools, this book will help with the courage to go wherever you need to go to discover and go beyond what you have been trying to find, or to cover up, through your addictive adventure. Let your addiction be a declaration that you haven’t given up… as so many have. Time to take that determination to another level.

And have more fun.

November 2017, on the shores of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. Blessings, keith, the chocolate shaman