Notes from the flow via keith and barbara

Exhaustion is the result of resisting joy/excitement/desire

“went to an introductory lecture on Bioresonance for one of those frequency zapper thingies….. I forgot what being in a room of normal (desperately seeking fixing) people was like.” -PM

«cacao ceremonies of all descriptions in Berlin almost every week these days» -PM

“By the second half of 2016 you will have embraced the inevitability of magical occurrences and surprising successes entering your life at an almost alarming rate.” –Bentinho Massaro

“You are in the process of discovering that you are the reality that you previously thought you existed in… Fourth density reality will allow you to experience your reality as a part of you.” –Bashar

“Exhaustion is the result of resisting joy/excitement/desire” -?

«You don’t get what you want, you get what you are.» –Dr. Wayne Dyer

“Everything is meaningless – Nothing ever has any set-in meaning. Everything is neutral until you assign it a meaning… …so take a moment to pause and not automatically assign negative connotation, negative meaning to whatever circumstances unfolding before you, know that it is positive, behave toward it positively, respond creatively, intuitively, inspirationally, and by giving it that energy, anything that is not part of that vibration will drop away more easily, and all that remains will be the thing that you will want to do anything, in the way that is correct for you to do it» ~ Bashar

“When you are born in a world you don’t fit in; it’s because you were born to help create a new one.” –Dolores Cannon

«The present actually changes the past.» -Bashar

«Wisdom does not flow out of the Past but flows from the Future.» — Lazaris

“The steps of getting there are the qualities of being there.” –Lazaris

Mantra of the day: “Dearest inner child, please don’t ever change, since it is I who is meant to change the way I view you – no matter how you think, act, choose or behave. Come as you are. Be as you wish. You are safe to be the gift of uniqueness the world is ready to receive. I love you.” –Matt Kahn