About the «non-sacred use of plant medicines»

Wrote this in response to a FB posting against the ‘non-sacred use of plant medicines’, specifically cacao… like dancing in ceremony [OMG]. We see this general issue really manifesting with many, so this may help. Blessings

15 years ago the Cacao Spirit let me know that I could trust the way She moved into the world. I did not need to control or monitor Her process and way of working. I was working For Her… not telling her how She should be working… or telling others the right-way to work with Her. She would reach everyone just where they were, and offer them their next level… and it was Totally, Totally their choice to accept or reject that, or to just take a little bit… and a bit more next time.

I understand that one reason She came to me was because I could allow everyone to have their own truth. I had worked my way out of the “My truth is right / I judge what is wrong” spiritual arrogance so common in this realm… where someone knows better than the plant Spirit Herself, what should and should not be.

Everyone has a totally unique journey and timing… and along their “distorted” way they will gain the experiences they need for the magic they came here to bring in their own special way. That journey may include ‘blowing it’… to return in a parallel reality with those experiences gained in ‘missing the boat’ in this life… and do it differently ‘next time’. I did. I blew it ‘last time’. And this time I somehow had the motivation to stick with the fucking endless processing and get where I was needed to be… to meet the Cacao Spirit and bring Her to you. And I, as you, had a special motivation to slog through the swamp of my own density and into the self-love that allowed me to meet my partner Barbara 10 years ago.

All the higher beings say “trust your process”. Everyone is on a sacred journey designed at the highest levels of creativity and guidance… if you do not implicitly trust and honor the sacred process of another, you cannot be trusting your own [or the divine plan], and will be in the same control and judgment with yourself that you are projecting onto them. As within, so without.

Not so long ago we had old friends return to the porch for ceremony. The Cacao Spirit had a special gift for them. In about 2 hours they had so much of their judgment ‘up’ [triggered to the surface] that they walked out of ceremony, never to return… they bad-mouthed us and no longer use our cacao.

May we all be able to accept our magical gifts called trigger-festivals. With love. This is a time we see so many are being offered an understanding that if they are in judgment or blame of something in the holographic mirror, they are refusing the gift that creation, and their Higher Self, has presented to them. I remember how many times it took my teachers to bring me this very same message… I finally got it. May you get it faster and easier than I did… your life will change! If instead of judgment… you put out blessings… you will discover that the Law of Attraction [what you put out is what you get back] is true.

If you re-post on Facebook about ‘the fuckers’ or about your judgment of what is wrong ‘out there’, you create a ‘negative gridwork’… as higher beings say… and the universe will fill in your grid with other negative things to manifest in your personal life… because you prayed for it and Oneness answers prayers. Your choice, always. “…the Universe acknowledges your readiness for higher realities at the rate you bless others.” -Matt Kahn

You don’t have to prefer something in the mirror, but if you are telling the universe that it, or whomever, is making a mistake and it should not be as it is… then you will get the message again, and likely a bit louder, again….. you are so cared for! So many teachers these days are bluntly saying reality is not ‘out there’… it is within YOUR consciousness. And so is a reflection of your vibration, resonance, and frequency… your reaction to it only tells you about yourself, because there is nothing Else out there but your reflection, looking at you. If you cannot love and accept it, you cannot possibly love and accept part of your own inner reality. Rule 3: Nothing changes until you do. * Love and Blessings all. Have more fun.

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