Empath experience

«The friends at work called me SPONGE»

I received this email after an Empath training I did in London in 2008.  Empaths are known for being ‘sensitive’, and there are many who can relate to this experience.  Many Empath’s are not this extreme… and some are more so!  English is not her first language.

«Dear Keith. My name is Mxxxxxx. We met on King X, last thursday, in the back of the organic shop… I hope you remember me, because i would like to thank you, so much, from my all heart… I did not realy expect nothing to happen that day. I tought, we will just… talk. But the experience I had, during your meditation, was the strongest, and most important to me, i had in all my life.  I know i can share with you everything, because you will understand me. First i felt, like my eyes where in the stomach… I felt there a horrible, old pain.. I think my mum was there, and some others pains of peoples. That was making me cry

«But i… «felt» Cxxx, when he was next to me. I mean, i felt what has to «go» from him, but i didnt want through me. I think, he doesn’t wanted this to go. He wanted to stick with his past, and his questions, instead to let it go.. However, in next few days, i coudnt stop thinking about him.. Non stop he was in my mind, all the time, also at the dreams..  Then on wednesday, when i wake up at 6 in the morning, i felt big pain inside me.. He still on my mind, and the tears started to release. I coudnt stop it. On the train, i cry like water from the sink (all the ppl looked me..) also at work (so i had to hide myself on the shops corners, for customers, not to see me..) One hour break, i spended crying on him.. And i know, it was his. Next day everything stopped, and C L xxx was gone from my mind.«

«I never had a clue, that there is something like EMPATH. i always tought, that i’m super sensitive. And also this is what i was told by my parents, and teachers. When i was small, by all my life i suffer, crying on everything… I always been told, that i shoudn’t be like this, and i have to be strong..  With the time i stop to cry so often< but instead everything, seats on my stomach. Ppl could «give» me any kind of bad energy, sometimes even no talking to me..  and i was eating their rubbish. I felt i had no choise.. They so easy can «put» any bad energy into me..  They just toxic me for years..  In everyday life, and also relation[ship]s. The friends at work called me SPONGE. and is no good to be like that. Is HORRIBLLE. this demage my life… But i dont know how to deal with othere peoples in the life..»

«It didnt happend yet since our… ceremony (even there were some situations it normaly should toxic me). I know you know.  I gonna be finishing now. Im so aprisade of everything what was happend. It meant everything to me.»

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