About the USA election

In the 70’s, I taught detox through fasting, diet, and herbal helpers. Sometimes folks would go through rather astonishing skin eruptions, even abscesses… it could be painful and quite messy, as in lots of pus and blood. Most folks needed a lot of reassurance that the process was actually positive, especially with the input of so many of their friends that the detox process was obviously very bad for them.

You and I need to change… as that is all there is to change.

I see that there are many out there that need assistance with understanding the symptoms of the global detox we are all in… to make room for who we really are. We do want to change a few things, and this election makes it really clear what needs to be changed. You and I need to change… as that is all there is to change.

Here are some suggestions for seeing yourself and what is ready to change within you:

An intro from Deepak Chopra: After Trump, what will it take to heal?

Much more deeply into it from Abraham Hicks:

You might also know that one of today’s most important spiritual teachers, Bentinho Massaro (who just made his entire past material available for free download) suggested that everyone vote for Donald Trump. If that makes no sense to you, may it become clearer in your future.

And this from Matt Kahn: Calling all Earth Angels and Lightworkers

blessings to you all. keith

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