The Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine

Divine Union and Relationships and the role of Cacao…

With the viral «Call to the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine’ that Angela posted on her page, i thought I’d take the opportunity to address this in regard to what we are doing with cacao.

If reality is feedback… If it’s an inside job… If you are now, and always, on the holodeck and the hologram is generated from within… Then the change you want to see in your personal and then global reality with the opposite sex, or anything else, is going to have to happen inside You first. Inviting… or demanding… the mirror to change – while it’s the consensus reality norm – isn’t the way this reality works. «Nothing changes until you do.»
With the light of your being passing through the film of your beliefs and attitudes, thoughts and feelings, and splashing across that screen called reality… if there is something on your screen you’d like to see changed, you might consider taking a look at your film.

My personal purpose in holding these cacao ceremonies is to maintain a space where people learn to change their film by experiencing just that… I was taught this by being helped to do it myself. That, in and of itself, need not have anything to do with cacao. On another level I am also re-introducing one of this planet’s most important facilitator plants, through using and welcoming others to use it as the magical partner it is – having fun assisting others in film and therefore reality changing. Many will become healers and teachers for the next wave of awakening as I am for this one.

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