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Interested in the planet waking up? Barbara and I really enjoyed this Sci-Fi movie… Tomorrowland [2015]. Watch the Full Movie Online:…

Bashar [a favorite channeled ET from 700 years in our future] talks can be hard to find online as the channel’s organization is brutal about copyright. Suggestions for some of the issues folks have these days:

Dealing with folks of a lower vibration? See The Negative Ego:

Why are you here? See Most Highly Focused Planet In Creation:

Problems with negative energies or beings? See Bashar and Treb About David Icke. Reptilian Agenda. Illuminati p

Worried about the Nukes? See Nuclear Weapons of War:

A blog about change, healing, and porch fun.

***Fourth Dimension [also called 3rd Density] – The Old-World

A world of Belief

• The World of FUD [Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt]
• I must figure it all out, I must be right
• The appropriate choices are dis-ease, victim, guilt, lack, resistance, not good enough, I trust that I can’t trust, judgment, blame of self or others, not loving self… as rational mind rules
• If you are not in control, you are being controlled
• You do self-importance or entitlement… or you give up who you are for what others seem to want you to be
• Prove it, Show your work… or it isn’t real
• I can’t go there if I don’t rationally understand it first
• If I can’t see it in the world the way I want to see it, it isn’t real, and so I can’t change, be different, or have anything more, until it/they change outside first [victim consciousness]
• Something outside will fill me and then I will be ok… love, success, money, power… whatever
• Hard bus – drama, trauma, pain, struggle, and suffering take my time and energy
• Sex is ‘peak orgasm’, stimulation and release, clitoral orgasm, the Big ‘O’

***Fifth Dimension [also called 4th Density] – The New-World

A world of Knowing

• With increasingly less FUD, Things are just known
• Consistently choosing love and trust over fear and lack
• With more awareness / consciousness you notice when you are being presented with the bait of the drama scripts you know so well… and choose not to take the bait and get hooked into another loop. If you have gotten into a drama loop, you simply exit when you notice you are in the old story
• Access to 5d: The Void, Nothingness, Spacious Presence – You instantly have any knowing, understanding, healing vibration or frequency, and increasingly any manifestation you want, for self or others
• Life becomes an amazing and rich adventure… work becomes play… the universe gives you more than you can imagine, again and again and again…
• Prosperity on all levels… loving relationships, health, wealth, and creativity
They each align in their own time as you love more of yourself and deal with your issues
• Reality becomes feedback… a holographic projection from within… for which you take total responsibility… and your life moves from material to magical to miraculous
• Connection, Flow… problems resolve themselves without fixing, without effort,
The life of your dreams becomes your reality. Business management becomes flow
• Without resistance, little pain… drama fades away
• Gratitude rules… you love everything… miracles are normal… fun and adventure roll
• Trust and surrender is the way, everyone has their own truth, no need to be right
• Unconditional love, without attachment to outcome, feels like you don’t care… but you care far more
• You perceive that other levels of your own being are running this show… and you cooperate… “The lifetime in which your higher self becomes real, is the lifetime you go home” -Lazaris
• Sex moves into ‘valley orgasm’ [vaginal and cervical]; usually later, Higher Energies, and states of union, become part of lovemaking

Many experience some areas of their life easily shift into 5d while other areas are very resistant and hang-on to the old-world, often with a temper tantrum about it all.

As you can see, we are all a mix of the above. Note: on the web you can find many different explanations of 3-4-5 dimensional realities… later, dear rational mind.

Sooner or later you will find compassionate loving acceptance and everything will change. Or you will find the core belief systems, and let them go. I did, many have… you will, too. Until then you will notice that as the energies continue up, your magic, gifts and fun get easier and easier to manifest… and your pain-body dramas get bigger, more frequent, and more painful.

Many experience some areas of their life easily shift into 5d while other areas are very resistant and hang-on to the old-world, often with a temper tantrum about it all. So many now have that tantrum in some area of their life… hanging on… blaming others, reality, or themselves… drowning in resistance, hopelessness, or futility about their relationships, health, wealth, or creativity… whatever… with one repeat performance drama after another because a loving universe won’t quit on you. Call it a shamanic initiation if you will… many do. “The difficulties are necessary, until you realize they aren’t.” -Eckhart Tolle. Sooner or later you will find compassionate loving acceptance and everything will change. Or you will find the core belief systems, and let them go. I did, many have… you will, too. Until then you will notice that as the energies continue up, your magic, gifts and fun get easier and easier to manifest… and your pain-body dramas get bigger, more frequent, and more painful.

My teachers told me, “We can’t tell you how you will get there, but we can tell you that you will”. You are in this process now… trust… this journey is going to give you everything you want to know about healing, compassion, trust, surrender, and love… and as you get what you went there for, it will change… and not until then… that is how important you are. Your rational mind will be the last part of you to get it… as it does, you will become a teacher. Welcome to the new-world!

The way is always to spend more of your time in the present [rather than past or future], choosing love and light radiant energies. Go to Glow or any similar state of being.

When you can, hang out in celebration [a mix of love, joy, and gratitude] … for no reason at all. Bless whatever you are excited about… people you love, events, ideas, projects, businesses… with this overflowing effortless radiance of who you really are. What you put out is what you get back – this basic rule of the universe becomes your guide. Return to overflowing often whenever you think of it. This raises your vibration and the changes happen… everything needed is brought to you by Higher Self, and if you accept whatever the universe is already bringing as the gift it truly is, it can do its work… you can take your journey with it… and level up a step… and with that work done, those dramas will quit being served.

If you make anything in your life wrong, inside or out, and say you don’t want it, the part of you that is stronger and does want it will remain hidden by denial and you will have repeat performances of your themes, often with a different cast of characters, playing the other end of your script. Sooner or later you will find self-loving acceptance. And if you are not ready to accept this just-too-simple idea… know you will be. Or… very very popular… if you are still stuck… that is proof that you are not good enough, something is wrong with you, and aren’t able to do it right. Love that proof!

Most folks I see here ‘on the porch’ experience partial access to 5d reality… The Void for Buddhists, No.thing.ness for Hindus, the Spacious Present for many contemporary teachers. Fully living here… the shamans call it ‘clarity’… Zen calls it ‘sitting on top of the hundred-foot pole’ – you see and know everything – ‘conditional enlightenment’… there is still you and the pole so it’s not ‘full enlightenment’. From this vast empty place, you have just the knowing… just the words… just the access to energies and healing vibrations… you need in the moment you need them. I see increasingly more folks that exist here. Trust builds… you trust that if you don’t know something, you don’t need to know it. And your interactions with the world and others become increasingly magical, beautiful, and loving… healing in the true sense. Relax… have fun… play… follow your excitement… all of us are already there… just dropping the pretending we are not.

Healing is access, and not a doing… access to the frequencies, vibrations, and energies that assist folks to change what they are choosing, so their life changes. Doing is the old-world… which is fine, and what many need… but that is what it is.


I see, especially here in San Marcos, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, that it is no longer enough to be a competent well-trained and experienced therapist, whatever your modality. Magical catalytic change energies have to flow or one becomes increasingly less competitive with all the ‘magic’ ones. Healing is access, and not a doing… access to the frequencies, vibrations, and energies that assist folks to change what they are choosing, so their life changes. Doing is the old-world… which is fine, and what many need… but that is what it is.

Here on the porch, we do ‘psychic surgery’ all the time… where ‘pain body’, density, belief systems, and fear… even diseases… are popped out and can be examined in front of you, at a distance, held in your hands, for what they are. Then put it back inside to better know what you are doing with yourself. Even more comes out the next time and there is an opportunity to own the choices you have been making and change them if you want. That’s empowering fun. Welcome to the new world. Psychic Surgery?… we see a few folks that are too resistant, but almost everyone on the porch these days already knows how to do it, and do it well. [We do so much of this we should put up a video… anyone want to make one for us? We have the equipment… you need the fun, computer, and software.]

For over 100 years, nothing has been better statistically and scientifically proven than parapsychology… rigorously and repeatedly super double blind validated beyond any doubt whatsoever… but science doesn’t accept it as real [it is called pseudoscience] and it is almost forgotten. Look it up: []. I am wondering if Joe Dispenza and Bruce Lipton are trying to reinvent-the-wheel by doing the same thing with an understanding of personal quantum reality change… trying to get science to accept their obvious 5d experience and knowing, in a 3d paradigm.

Trying to prove the intangible with data that makes sense. Trying to convince someone who is anchored in 3d to see the world from a 5d perspective is difficult until that person is aligned energetically to a frequency in which 5d perspectives seem obvious, rather than fantasy. I know people trying to convince themselves of the possibility of quantum change… to find the old-world proof before 3d FUD [Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt] overwhelms them depressively thru the unrelenting hopelessness and futility of being stuck, stuck, stuck. We Love you!… as you insist that past experience and your beliefs determine what is real. Anyway, anyone know if Dispenza and Lipton have looked at the history of Parapsychology and Science over the last century+ and related it to what they are trying to do?

Maybe it will be different this time. After all, a recent Australian academic and experimental peer reviewed Quantum Physics research paper concluded that the particle in the experiment chose its past from its future. No shit, in a physics journal. My guides in the 80’s taught us how to change the past so we had a different present… that is inner-child work. Comments?


News Flash: As of about 3 weeks ago, Google has a new set of algorithms that they are applying to Search and YouTube to take the war against alternative thought to another level. If you post or have a channel having anything to do with alternative economics [Gold, Silver, Peter Schiff, Bitcoin and other cryptos, economic conspiracy, bad language about banks] or categories like the Hillary Clinton machine, pizza gate, pedophilia… you will be categorized as ‘fake news’ by their algorithms. Such alternative sites like these have seen their viewership stats go down about 30%, and all of them in simultaneous synchronized steps… over 2 weeks… as the new algorithms have taken effect… so one way they support their work is reduced by an equivalent percentage.

[We are not talking the Corey Goode and David Icke fear-based stuff that most folks clearly understand as lies. May I offend a few of my readers here?] Would you like a post on the scary things that visit you…? Try this before the Bashar folks take it down:

It will help you with your fears… FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real.

Will this Google algorithm stuff extend to alternative spirituality… your interest… in the next years? Here we go. BTW, if you don’t know about Pizza Gate, which is expected by some channels to blow things apart on USA government and corporate levels in the coming year or so, you might check YouTube for an Aussie 60-Minutes 3-part series where they take the lid off the pedophilia ring among Lords and House biggies in England. It is all coming out. Blessings from the Lake

Probabilities, Probabilities [as they are now]… the Euro has reached its peak relative to the US Dollar. The big Euro drop will come in November. The dollar will continue up, way up, well into next year [as world currencies flow into the ‘safety’ of the dollar and US stock market]… until that increase raises interest rates and brings the whole house down. Too early to call the GBP [if they go with NAFTA and dump the EU, it will be better]. Get into Cryptos, but be aware that at a certain point, governments may clamp down.

For those who want more info on the 3-4-5d realities:…/3rd-4th-5th-dimension-reali…/ Below is copied from this page by Nikki Sapp… nice description… and there are many others:

“Third Dimensional Reality – The Physical Realm

“Birds born in a cage think flying is an illness.” ~ Alejandro Jodorowski

In the third dimension you see yourself as a separate entity in comparison to other people and the universe. You are still rooted in the physical world, and feel appropriate to judge people based on the color of their skin, age, gender, financial status etc. I am a person, the thinker of these thoughts, and these thoughts are my thoughts. I seek happiness outside of myself. Things like money, material possessions, relationships, and physical attributes seem to be the key to my fulfillment. I must compete with others in order to ‘make it’ so I can get my share of abundance. Life is characterized by polar opposites. There are good decisions and bad decisions, good thoughts and bad thoughts, good people and bad people, for example. The labels I have for myself define who I am as a person. Words like parent, wife, son, my job title, home-owner, etc. are how I identify myself in comparison to others.

Fourth Dimensional Reality – The Hallway into the Fifth Dimension, Consciousness begins to Awaken

“A shift in perspective makes the particles in your universe dance to new possibilities.” ~ Annie Kagan

As the light of consciousness begins to awaken within, your belief system of third dimensional reality seems absurd. You may even become angry or resentful of the society that implanted these belief systems. In fourth dimension, comparison and judgment still exist however with more ‘spiritual’ themes. For example, you may describe yourself as “awake” while judging those you feel are “asleep.” The attention has shifted from pursuits in the material world to the pursuit of knowledge and understanding. I am *#&#* angry because I have been lied to. I must warn and tell others about the Illuminati, government, reptilians, chemtrails, etc… Since on some level I believe that I am my mind, I am weary of things like mind control or subliminal messages. I may take on a spiritually themed ego structure. In this case, I may judge those who still eat meat, watch the news, drive a car, etc.. More knowledge and better understandings seem to be the key to my fulfillment. Ego is my ultimate enemy and therefore my ‘goal’ is to get rid of it.

Fifth Dimensional Reality – Unity Consciousness

The All is the One, and the One is the All as consciousness begins to awaken even further, the ego drops and judgments begin to fade away. You realize that the darkness of the world is a direct reflection of the shadow that still exists inside of you. You no longer try to change the world, but rather begin to heal yourself.

The love that grows within begins to translate into compassion and understanding for the external world. Love is the only weapon that truly holds power. I am no longer attached to my labels, but see myself as an ever-changing field of consciousness. I ultimately hold all the power to ‘create’ my perception of reality, nothing is inherently ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Nothing has power over me or my reality unless I have on some level agreed to it. Judgment now has become discretion. Although I no longer judge people from a moral standpoint, I use discretion in what I spend my time and energy on. I am beginning to see that “god”, “the universe,” or “source” lies within. As the master inside of me begins to awaken I realize I have held the power all along. The fear of mind control and manipulation drops away.” -By Nikki Sapp

We have a new meditation up on Sound Cloud… another talk, phone recorded at a ceremony… on manifestation. And I sure do recommend the one called Empath Training if you are a sensitive sponge for the density of others, groups, or the world. Mp3 Trainings and meditations

We are working on our new cacao website and shipping… soon… definitely going to have a brown Xmas.

My sweetheart sez… you know you are free when you can freely fart in the middle of a big cacao ceremony.

Blessings on your fine dream… keith and barbara


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Kryon is one of those channeled beings who have been around for decades. He can talk more and say less than anyone I know. Of course, it is the resonance/vibration being carried on the simple uplifting vibe. But he has some gems! He was one of the first to announce to business and politics, that if you were hiding any secrets, you better clean it up… because it is all going to be coming out publicly. Here is a talk that you can use as a meditation, that part beginning about 20 min in. Recommended. This one is about the future and your DNA.

Especially if you like someone like Bruce Lipton, do try this.

A story about DNA. 30+ years ago a channel of the Pleiadeans, Barbara Marciniak, announced that we were all moving from 2-strand to 12-strand DNA, as we became ascended beings. Everyone jumped on. Within a few years there were people who claimed to have already moved to 16 and even 20-strands of DNA, and offered to help you do the same. As it increasingly became a circus, other channels added their input that this was not really happening at all, physically… it was all a metaphor for the expansion and removal of limitation that we were all going through… and that was real.

Finally, Marciniak recanted and said that it was indeed a metaphor. She is still a prolific channel, known for bringing through lots of fear-based information. Let the buyer beware. No worries about all the fear and conspiracy theory stuff out there… it keeps the energy of certain people all wound-up and out of the way of the rest of us… so it is a solution, and not a problem at all.

Note… with an additional program or add-on to your browser. [For PC, Free YouTube Downloader from DVD Video Soft or the Firefox extension add-on Video DownloadHelper] you can download quickly in a low-resolution video format like 176×144 .3gpp where the audio is just fine, and then play in VLC Media Player (PC or Mac) at a sped-up speed…… or download as an Mp3 and play sped-up in Windows Media Player. For a slow voice like Kryon 1.6x or more is easy to follow and saves you a lot of time in listening. These programs speed it up while keeping the pitch normal. blessings

Matt Kahn on fear

“Only the courage of your deepest honesty ever knows for sure” Matt Kahn

A few days ago I posted a Matt Kahn text on Depression to support those experiencing that as part of their growth / ascension / expansion / clearing. Here is one on fear. Will see what I can find or write on hopelessness / despair / futility as so many others are experiencing that.

Link to Fear

And the link on Depression

The connection with truth

Or Archangel Michael in the Christian and Jewish traditions.

If you look into the mystical literature on Archangel Michael, you find he is the leader of God’s Angels or God’s Army, and he carries a big sword.  It is the sword of Truth, and you can ask Michael to use his sword to help cut you free from something in your life that you no longer want.  Empaths have this same sword of Truth, and we have all spent decades experiencing the use of it.  As I understand it, at this time on the planet, the number-one project of number-one Archangel Michael is Empaths.  You are not in this alone.  Michael, with that big sword, is said to lead God’s armies… what if God’s army is not about a war, but is instead about a patient loving cleanup?  Of people and a planet with a pain body.  What if your training is over?

If you are from another spiritual tradition, no doubt you have your own representative holding the Truth energy. Ganesha, the part elephant Hindu deity (the remover of obstacles), is the best known example.  Same energy as Michael and his cut-you-free sword.

Over the years I have worked with a number of Empaths who as part of their process found this sword within and began using it to cut away the density they had accumulated.  Look in your heart… you’ve probably hidden it through garbage protection services… no joke.  Healing your own density is for sure the best way to really understand healing the density of others.  And the best way to more deeply awaken to your own abilities and specialties.  Who you really are needs the room to play that is occupied by those densities… be they yours or those of others… so it has to go… one way or another.

Empath experience

“The friends at work called me SPONGE”

I received this email after an Empath training I did in London in 2008.  Empaths are known for being ‘sensitive’, and there are many who can relate to this experience.  Many Empath’s are not this extreme… and some are more so!  English is not her first language.

Dear Keith. My name is Mxxxxxx. We met on King X, last thursday, in the back of the organic shop… I hope you remember me, because i would like to thank you, so much, from my all heart… I did not realy expect nothing to happen that day. I tought, we will just… talk. But the experience I had, during your meditation, was the strongest, and most important to me, i had in all my life.  I know i can share with you everything, because you will understand me. First i felt, like my eyes where in the stomach… I felt there a horrible, old pain.. I think my mum was there, and some others pains of peoples. That was making me cry.”

But i… “felt” Cxxx, when he was next to me. I mean, i felt what has to “go” from him, but i didnt want through me. I think, he doesn’t wanted this to go. He wanted to stick with his past, and his questions, instead to let it go.. However, in next few days, i coudnt stop thinking about him.. Non stop he was in my mind, all the time, also at the dreams..  Then on wednesday, when i wake up at 6 in the morning, i felt big pain inside me.. He still on my mind, and the tears started to release. I coudnt stop it. On the train, i cry like water from the sink (all the ppl looked me..) also at work (so i had to hide myself on the shops corners, for customers, not to see me..) One hour break, i spended crying on him.. And i know, it was his. Next day everything stopped, and C L xxx was gone from my mind.

“I never had a clue, that there is something like EMPATH. i always tought, that i’m super sensitive. And also this is what i was told by my parents, and teachers. When i was small, by all my life i suffer, crying on everything… I always been told, that i shoudn’t be like this, and i have to be strong..  With the time i stop to cry so often< but instead everything, seats on my stomach. Ppl could “give” me any kind of bad energy, sometimes even no talking to me..  and i was eating their rubbish. I felt i had no choise.. They so easy can “put” any bad energy into me..  They just toxic me for years..  In everyday life, and also relation[ship]s. The friends at work called me SPONGE. and is no good to be like that. Is HORRIBLLE. this demage my life… But i dont know how to deal with othere peoples in the life..”

“It didnt happend yet since our… ceremony (even there were some situations it normaly should toxic me). I know you know.  I gonna be finishing now. Im so aprisade of everything what was happend. It meant everything to me.”